Black Needle Noise / She Stands on a Storm feat. Andrea Kerr

This week’s Black Needle Noise feature is going to explore She Stands on a Storm, featuring vocals and lyrics by Andrea Kerr. It’s a fitting track seeing as how the entire South East of the United States is under some sort of weather warning of some sort. I’m personally enjoying the weather…it helps set the mood for a dark and brooding track that could only come from the creative genius that is John Fryer.

Musically, She Stands on a Storm has a lot in common with those great Gravity Kills and Stabbing Westward debuts. There’s an industrial rock edge to this track that I absolutely love, mainly because it’s a sound that isn’t used as much anymore. John Fryer pretty much invented the sound with his studio wizardry back in the 1990’s and I’ve missed it. I’m very glad he’s touched on it with his Black Needle Noise project. But, as always, the highlight isn’t just on John. He worked with vocalist Andrea Kerr to set the tone for the song with a great deal of success. Her work gives the impression of innocence, but an innocence that’s holding a dark secret that emerges as the chorus hits.

As I’ve continued my weekly trek through the Black Needle Noise discography I have found myself more and more impressed. I’ve yet to find a song that I didn’t connect with on some level, and She Stands on a Storm maintains that trend. It’s a song of two parts, one half being a smoky, sultry, softness and the other being grungy, dark, and deep. You can download the song at the Black Needle Noise Bandcamp page, where I strongly urge you to dive deeper down the rabbit hole and explore.

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