New Music: Droid Bishop / End of Aquarius EP

One of synthwave’s big boys just released a new EP this week! End of Aquarius by Droid Bishop is everything you expect…slick production, insanely addictive hooks, and some of the best synthwave has to offer as a genre. It also pushes forward from the solid base the artist already has built for himself. Droid Bishop has never been one to settle, and with End of Aquarius he’s proven he is not even close to running out of fresh ideas. If you don’t have it yet, Age of Aquarius is on Spotify, iTunes, and my personal favorite, Bandcamp.

The EP kicks off with The Wolf Inside…a track that features dueling synths that twist and turn over bass tones that draw you into the spiral that is End of Aquarius. As the slowburn intro flows into Dead Before Dawn I strongly recommend you’ve checked your seat belts. Dead Before Dawn has a killer bass line, a stutter-step tempo, and synth keys that demand head movement. She Don’t holds down the mid-point of the EP and it’s easily one of the best tracks of 2017. I’m not adding “so far” to the end of that sentence because by the time we hit the end of the year it’s still going to be seen as a stand out track. This song is an earworm that is going to wiggle its way into your head and settle in. End of Aquarius echoes its way toward conclusion with the ethereal title track. It’s an upbeat and uptempo number that feels optimistic and nigh uplifting. Sagan’s Quest closes out the EP with a science fiction soundscape worthy of the name in the track’s title. It finishes things out with a sense of exploration and wonder. For a futuristic EP like End of Aquarius, I don’t know that I could give a higher praise than that.

Droid Bishop has released a must own EP with End of Aquarius. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I think this record has boundary crashing appeal that extends well beyond synthwave…good music is good music, no matter the genre. What are you waiting for? This is one to tell your friends about.

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