New Music: Hexenkraft / The Infernal Schism

One of the most anticipated synthwave releases of the first half of 2017 has finally arrived, a day early to boot! Hexenkraft’s dark masterpiece, The Infernal Schism is available right now through Bandcamp. If you missed our interview with Hexenkraft last month you can check it out HERE. Alright…it’s time to turn away from the light and fall into the darkness that is The Infernal Schism.

Hellfire Assault Battalion kicks things off, and it has to be one of the best openers I’ve heard. It’s brutal, mean, and oozes danger. It was actually the first song I heard by Hexenkraft. It was one of those lucky clicks you make on YouTube. I’ve been a fan since! Technomagick Sacrament is interesting because it shows Hexenkraft’s songwriting chops. This track is more of a slow build than the music we’ve grown accustomed to with his previous work, and I love it all the more for that. The soaring synths that hit at the halfway point of the song give me chills to my toes. By the time the song ends it is so well layered you feel like you’ve reached the peak of whatever ritual you’ve been sucked into. The title track holds sway at the mid point of the release…its intro echoing like the sound of eminent danger just out of sight. Once the track kicks in it’s too late to escape…you are caught up in the dark hooks and guitars that sound like they’re ripping their way out of hell itself. A Flame In The Void is another track that shows the growth of Hexenkraft in terms of songwriting. It’s a well layered track with some excellent tempo changes. When the song hits the mid-point I dare you not to bang your head…synthwave once again showing how well it pairs with the world of metal music. Diablous ex Nihilo closes out The Infernal Schism with all the black majesty that you’d expect it to. It’s a song that makes you feel like you’ve stumbled upon something you’re not supposed to be a part of. Something evil. Something that is going to leave you changed…scarred somehow. The second half of the song hits like a sledge hammer…double bass drums thump like the devil’s own war drums and riffs so dark that nobody has even scratched the surface for me to compare them to.

The Infernal Schism is the darkest music in synthwave. I listen to synthwave daily for hours. I write about it daily as well. It’s something I’m very familiar with and it’s a core part of my being. There is nobody, I repeat nobody doing it darker than Hexenkraft. The Infernal Schism is a must own release. Period. Why are you even still reading??? Head over to the Hexenkraft Bandcamp page and buy this now. You will NOT be disappointed.

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