New Music: Circuit Static / New Horizons

If you like your electronic music to have heart, provoke thought, and more than all, cause uncontrollable body movement…Circuit Static has just released everything you could possibly want in his new LP, New Horizons. His website calls it trance but I honestly feel like he’s selling himself short by categorizing it at all. New Horizons is exactly that. It’s an exploration of what’s over that horizon line in electronic music, where it can take you as a medium of not only artistic expression, but also as an expanding and ever changing genre.


The first thing that struck me about New Horizons is the layering of sounds. The production work is polished and clean. You can tell that a lot of love went into this album. I also love that it seems to pull influences from all over the electronic spectrum, from new school to old school, yet pushes itself to find unique ground to stand on. It’s a perfect balance of familiarity and genuine progression of sound…it keeps you wanting to hear more. As you dive deeper into New Horizons, Circuit Static shows his mastery of dance floor vibrations, ethereal heights, and grungy depths. From what I have experienced, whatever he set his mind to accomplish on this album is a huge success.

I honestly couldn’t recommend New Horizons any higher. This is one of the most refreshing, and surprising albums of 2017 so far. I don’t know what I went into it expecting…I knew it would be good, but I never expected the depth of songwriting I discovered. Circuit Static has put out an album I am guaranteed to have on rotation the rest of the year. It’s fun, it’s super slick, and everything that I love about electronic music.

You can buy it now over at the Circuit Static page by clicking HERE or by heading over to Google Play by clicking HERE. It’s money well spent, and I can say that because I purchased this one myself!


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