New Music: 20SIX Hundred / Live in the Projection Room

On March 31st, 20SIX Hundred released the unheard of, a live synthwave album! It’s honestly something I wish there was more of, and I know a lot of the reason why it’s so rare is because the conversion from in house to on stage is more than just bringing your laptop to the venue. Live in the Projection Room is a perfect glimpse at what it would be like to be at the show, and you can’t ask for anything else from a live album.

20SIX Hundred offers up a pretty good mix of tracks on the album, featuring music from his albums Phantasmagoric, The Cold Rise From Sleep, The Next Level, and Player One. And that’s where the longevity of such an established artist is a boon for a live album. You’re getting several years of amazing synthwave fused together into a great live set. Not only do you get a near greatest hits compilation of great synthwave, you’re getting new versions of them with crowd reactions. If you couldn’t be in Vancouver, 20SIX Hundred has done a stand up job of bringing Vancouver to you. Be sure to check out the amazing live video of the show below.

The album is available RIGHT NOW on Bandcamp. It’s a name your price album, but it’s totally worth dropping some cash on it. 20SIX Hundred did something that I hope to see more of with this live album, and artists like that deserve your support. Just in case you missed it we had a great talk with 20SIX Hundred at the end of February about his latest full length album, Phantasmagoric. You can check it out HERE.

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