New Music: Black Needle Noise / A Shiver of Want (with Bill Leeb)

We’ve got an extra special Black Needle Noise post this week. Not only do we have a new Black Needle Noise song, it’s a collaboration with one of the who’s who in electronic music. I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that Bill Leeb has been one of the most influential artists in the development of my musical tastes. His work with Front Line Assembly and Delerium is the stuff of legends. What happens when you combine that with the studio magic of John Fryer? Only one of the best singles of the year, that’s all.

A Shiver of Want is a master work of dark majesty, with its classic, slow burn Black Needle Noise foundation. It begins with the echoing footsteps into darkness, where Bill Leeb traces his vocals, like fog in the night. Once the chorus hits, John Fryer and his ever present knowledge of how to take advantage of his collaborators comes to the forefront. He highlights Leeb in ways that are very unselfish and in that he shows how talented he is at what he does.

John Fryer and Bill Leeb 2 - photo credit Adam Scott
Photo Credit: Adam Scott

If I close my eyes and try to place a date on this song, it’s nigh impossible. It could have been a single released in the height of the industrial revolution of the 1990’s or the reality of it being a voice for the new age of industrial growth in the year 2017. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, because it’s so very fitting here. Good music is timeless and will fit into whatever period they’re heard. As such, A Shiver of Want is going to be a song appreciated for many years to come. Cheers to John Fryer and his Black Needle Noise project for continuing to push the envelope and to Bill Leeb for his contribution to one of 2017’s best tracks. Head over to the Black Needle Noise Bandcamp and download it today!

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