Black Needle Noise Shirts

There is no better way to start a discussion with someone than by having a conversation starter as a t-shirt. My standard go to “uniform” is a band shirt, jeans, and black and white Converse All-Stars. That’s why I was so very excited to find out that Black Needle Noise, the John Fryer music project that I cover on a weekly basis, just opened up pre-orders for t-shirts!

Click HERE to get your order in now! I’ve already got mine set in stone!


I’m guessing from the amount of traffic that my Black Needle Noise posts get, quite a few of you are fans as well…so be sure to jump on this opportunity to not only support the music you love, but to also shout it out to everyone else you meet. If somehow you’ve missed out on my Black Needle Noise posts or perhaps this is your first visit to Echosynthetic, please allow me to introduce you to your new favorite band:

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