New Music: Ani Glass / Ffrwydrad Tawel EP

Welsh artist Ani Glass is poised to make serious waves next week when her Ffrwydrad Tawel EP releases on April 21st via Recordiau Neb. Named after the art exhibition in Cardiff, Silent Explosion/Ffrwydrad Tawel, of contemporary Welsh artist Ivor Davies, this EP carries social awareness and has been dubbed by Ani Glass as her way of reconnecting with her language, history, and culture. It’s also really, really good. (Seriously…listen to these two songs and tell me they’re not phenomenal).

The EP kicks off with a dreamy, ethereal like majesty with Y Newid ( Change). It serves as a brilliant opener that gives way to Y Ddawns (The Dance), a song that has a seriously catchy synth backbeat. While it makes your body move it also gets the the brain working, a combination that is sadly overlooked by most artists these days. It’s easily one of the best songs I’ve heard this year. Dal I Droi (Another Day) holds keep at the mid-point of the EP. It begins in the ether, feeling very much the first light of the day peeking above the horizon line. The lead single, Geiriau (Words) is a sure-fire hit and is everything I love about electronic music. It’s infectious, carries itself well, and has a hook that requires body movement. It sounds like the best work in Ladytron’s catalogue while not actually pandering to the feel of another band, if that makes any sense. It is most certainly an Ani Glass song, but if someone told me it was the new Ladytron single I would have believed them. Mor Hapus is an interlude that brings us to the closer, Cariad Cudd (The City Sleeps). It’s an emotionally charged song that chronicles the industrial decline in Cardiff and South Wales and the effects it has had on communities.

Ani Glass is obviously fiercely proud of her heritage and it comes through in the music. I wish there was more music like this…artists documenting and exploring their homes, their lives, and social surroundings. It’s a dying art and it truly sets Ffrwydrad Tawel apart from the pack. This is a well polished, socially aware, and heartfelt EP and I very much enjoyed my time exploring it. Her EP will be available on the 21st of April. Be sure to check out her Bandcamp and other musical outlets in the meantime!


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