Today’s Listening: Die Scum, Inc. / My Fist is Fight: The Notion Picture Soundtrack

There is an album that I’ve really been enjoying for the past couple of weeks and it is high time I shared it with everyone else. Calgary’s Die Scum, Inc. released My Fist is Fight: The Notion Picture Soundtrack at the start of the year, and it is currently available digitally through Bandcamp. There are still some of the limited edition cassettes as well, so don’t wait around on that if you’re a collector of such things (like myself).

My Fist is Fight is a concept album…it’s the soundtrack to a film that doesn’t actually exist. But that’s not entirely true. As I listened to the album I totally created the film in my head as I went along. My personal version was a b-movie action film rip-off of Bloodsport, complete with bad editing and a grindhouse feel. It’s saying a lot that Die Scum, Inc. were able to create such a visual album, something that’s not always easy to do. I could have honestly gone on and on about the different scenes and how my version of the story played out. Kudos on delivering on the soundtrack concept…it totally worked.

Like any great soundtrack, the titles of the tracks do an excellent job of telling the story. Whether you’re listening to Cruisin’, Montage, No Escape, or I Smell a Sequel, you’re getting the nudge you need to “feel” the soundtrack. The overall production is solid, while still retaining that dated, mid to late 80’s feel. There’s a lot of be said about being able to capture that because it’s not so easy to do. You can get so caught up in the refining process that you lose the heart of the where the music is coming from. Die Scum, Inc. delivered the goods here and the proof is in the loving care each song obviously received.

If you’re a synthwave fan, this is a must own. It’s a ton of fun, well written, and more than anything, a great concept album. My Fist is Fight most certainly is one of the 1980’s great lost soundtracks, no matter the fact that it was released in 2017. Die Scum, Inc. have most certainly done enough to deserve any and all attention they’re sure to get for this great record. Buy it now…on cassette, if you can!

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