Today’s Listening: Big Lich / Rock It From The Crypt

Rock It From the Crypt EP from Big Lich is one of the best things I’ve heard in ages. It takes me back on a journey through my childhood years, playing old-school Castlevania games, or exploring the mysteries of games like Shadowgate or Deja Vu. All of those classics has soundtracks that impacted me then and have stuck with me to this day. They give off an air of danger while still luring you in to explore around the next corner. Rock It From the Crypt has the same feel, but with a twist.

Incantations and Such is the EP starter and it is pitch perfect nostalgia. It is the score to a game that I never got around to playing back in the day, I’m sure of it. It has a great synth score, thunderous double bass drums, and a darkness to it that made it an immediate favorite. Thrice Defiled has more amazing percussion, blistering guitars, and a chiptune backdrop that holds it together with the rest of the EP. It’s almost like synthwave filtered through late 70’s doom metal, and doomwave music is something I can get behind. Superfluous Mana continues the fast pace of the EP with a driving drum back beat, more blistering guitars, and synths that compliment and add an air of mystery. Breaking the Seal…of Doom closes out the EP with a somber tone that slow builds into thunder and majesty. It has a psychedelic, prog rock feel to it, and futher fuses genres into something unlike anything I’ve heard before.

Big Lich are a band to watch. They’re doing things to push synthwave further than I thought possible. They’re intertwining doom rock/metal, progressive guitar riffs, thunderous drums, and synthwave into something completely unique. Can I also mention that these guys are obviously INSANELY talented musicians? Stop reading and go buy this EP now. It’s only $3 and that is a steal for what you get in this release.

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