New Music: Battlejuice / Crimson Light

Are you ready for breakneck paced, guitar heavy, and dark synth music? If you answered yes, you might be halfway there. I can promise you’re not truly ready for Crimson Light, the latest full length from Russia’s Battlejuice. A big thanks to Timestalker for pointing me in his direction. This is some of the fastest, heaviest, and melodic synthwave on the market. Alright, let’s dig in, because Battlejuice isn’t going to slow down for us to catch our breath!

As soon as the title track kicks off the album, you know you’re not listening to your daddy’s synthwave. This is epic scale, bigger than life, near operatic level synthwave. I don’t even know how to categorize it, and for as many sub-genre’s of sunthwave out there I’m calling that a pretty big compliment. Once Serpent Head hits it has probably settled in that you really weren’t ready and that your old pal at Echosynthetic wasn’t joking around. It has gut-churning riffs, soaring synths, and guitar solos that are so fast I can’t imagine moving my fingers quick enough to keep pace. Feel Alive is another track that really got my head moving. It has a great synth back beat with guitar work that soars over the track like a dragon searching for prey. I think my favorite track on the album is After Death, a grandiose exploration into the darkness. And that’s what so great about Crimson Light…every track sounds bigger and better than the last. This track is grounded in synthwave but the guitar work elevates it into something otherworldly. I could go on and on about every single track but I really feel like you need to experience this behemoth yourself.

It is without any sort of hesitation that I wholeheartedly recommend this album. I bought it without hearing a track based on Timestalker’s recommendation and I am in turn recommending it to all my readers. Battlejuice is pretty much a genre all to himself. This is synthwave on a scale that’s off the charts! This is the work of an artist who is beyond talented, obviously skilled in the studio, and one to keep your eyes (and ears) on.

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