New Music: The TCR / Transmissions

If you are tired of the same old thing every day and you’re looking to spice up your playlist, look no further. The TCR is the artist you’re looking for. His new album, Transmissions, is a veritable buffet of influences, styles, and caution to the wind exploration. I personally think it’s one of the most refreshing releases of 2017. He’s taking the risks that other artists will most certainly be benefit from. In short, The TCR is setting a new precedent with this trendsetting release.

Transmissions welcomes you to its doorstep with acoustic guitars, ethereal synth whispers, and a killer French/Funk house beat. Corvus (Westronic Mix) couldn’t set the stage any better for what Transmissions has on offer. Deckard’s Doves is a track worthy of the Blade Runner name that it has. A Vangelis like tone is present but as the song flows through its course The TCR makes it his own, nodding at the inspiration, but confident in where he’s taken the track. As we move ahead we find Pink Izod, one of my favorite tracks on the album. It has a back beat with swagger, synth harmonies that are layered to perfection, and the way it builds up is just to my liking. Just as I decide that Pink Izod is a favorite, Breathing Fire starts with a synth hook that demands attention. It’s a well paced piece that’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser. So Rogue experiments with really interesting tempo, and as the song builds it drops into an excellent bass beat that got my head moving. Space Train holds down the mid-point of Transmissions like a funk-infused synth dance floor icon. Seven Synths is another song I really, really enjoyed. The way the harmonies layer and build on each other is subtle, giving each sound contributing to the song due course. Midnighters has some great guitar work, and not just solo guitar work, dueling guitars lace their way as the song progresses (fun fact, two guitars intertwining through separate tracks is a weakness of mine).  Don’t Talk is a shoegaze-esque interlude that I really enjoyed, with my only complaint being its short duration. A Hero’s Return is an interesting chip-tune meets bossa nova experimental track that entertains, especially the Spanish style acoustic guitar work toward the end! Transmissions ends with the aptly titled, Transmission, which feels exactly like just that. A transmission. I shout out into the dark. An experiment of sound and emotion shouted out into the dark in the hopes of a reply in return.

I’d like to pause for a moment and give a respectful nod to The TCR for being bold enough to make the music he wants, because this is fresh, fun, and nobody else is even close to it. You can pick up Transmissions at Bandcamp right now! It’s a name your price album but as someone entrenched in this business, I can tell you that every penny goes a long way.

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