Today’s Listening: Vogel / Imperivm

Thanks to the Nightcall radio show I discovered Vogel, a Los Angeles based synthesizer savant. I picked up his single for the track Imperivm that very night, as well as his previous EP, Hologram (which I will be covering at a later time). I decided to cover Imperivm first for one simple reason…the hook.

Imperivm has the best hook I’ve heard since I started writing on this blog. Not to say that everyone else has done a poor job or that their hooks aren’t up to par. No, Vogel has simply written a piece of music that cannot be ignored. It’s a synthwave classic, through and through. Imperivm is pure substance, with an atmosphere of speed, unidentifiable dangers, and an air of reigned in chaos. In short, it’s nearly perfect. As if that wasn’t enough you get a brilliant b-side in the track Different Skin!

I can’t recommend Imperivm any higher than I already have. Vogel struck gold when he penned this track, which has cemented itself as one of my all time favorites. Check it out at his Bandcamp, post haste!

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