Black Needle Noise / Warning Sign (Feat. Kendra Frost)

Our Black Needle Noise exploration this week find us reuniting with the most excellent Kendra Frost from the band Kite Base. A few weeks back we covered another collaboration she had with John Fryer…one of my very favorite Black Needle Noise tracks, This Kind of Road. If you missed it you can click HERE to check it out. The track we’re focusing on today is Warning Sign, a gem from August of last year. As much as I loved This Kind of Road, I was worried it wouldn’t be able to hold itself in the same kind of light. But as usual, I had absolutely nothing to be concerned about.

Warning Sign is a soaring track, with Kendra’s pitch perfect vocals commanding your attention from the outset. Fryer counters the heights of the song with a balance of deeper tones, echoes in the dark, and a subtle arrangement that highlights Frost. It’s an almost tender song, with lyrics that are vulnerable but aware…the protagonist of the song isn’t hiding…she has her eyes open, is alert. It’s a winning combination of creativity between Fryer and Frost who truly compliment each other in ways that connect with the listener.

Each week I cover a Black Needle Noise song, and each week I come away more impressed than before. It seems that no matter the style, no matter the subject, no matter the vocalist at hand, Fryer has the uncanny ability to pull the most out of a track. Warning Sign is yet another feather in his cap. Why these songs aren’t more well known is criminal in my opinion. These are good songs…pure and simple. Be sure to head over to the Black Needle Noise Bandcamp for more tunes and then head over to the Black Needle Noise Facebook group to talk about the songs!

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