New Music: Equinox and Tundra / Eights

British spoken work artist Equinox is back with another collaboration. A few months back we covered his song Goodbye (feat. Dementio13). If you missed that coverage you can follow the link HERE to check it out. This new song is titled Eights, featuring amazing piano work by Tundra. Before we continue I want to make sure that you understand that this isn’t your art house, beret wearing, stereotype filled spoken word. Forget what you think you know or what you’ve seen on television and let Equinox and Tundra pull you into this haunted world.

Eights is a full 11 minutes long, though you’d never realize it while listening to it. As the poetic story unfolds you find yourself becoming a part of the song…a part of the world inside it. Time is superfluous there and as Tundra’s piano work sets the scene you anticipate each word of the story being told by Equinox. My suggestion would be to get your best headphones, put them on, and close your eyes. I feel like this gives you the opportunity to enjoy the song in its fullest, with no distractions.

You can buy Eights right now for less than a cup of coffee over at Bandcamp. I love music like this because it transcends so many genres and refuses to conform to any one standard. Equinox is changing how spoken word is used as a musical medium, and though he doesn’t necessarily fit the mold of what I cover every day I think that’s what makes me want to cover his music even more. I personally think his work is brilliant and deserves to be heard. Tundra’s piano work couldn’t have set a better stage for this track and it’s simply beautiful while remaining mysterious and haunting at the same time. The collaboration is a successful one! I became a fan of Dementio13 after the last Equinox collaboration…looks like Tundra will earn that distinction this time.

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