New Music: Mesh / Runway (Single)

New music out today from Bristol’s synthpop powerhouse, Mesh. Runway is an amazing single off of their equally amazing album, Looking Skyward, which was released last summer. One of the biggest reasons why I get so excited about Mesh singles are the b-sides! They are one of the few bands that still include quality tracks along with their singles. Some of my favorite Depeche Mode songs were found on the flip side of the vinyl…songs like Dangerous, Sea of Sin, My Joy, all b-sides. Bands during the 90’s would have killed for any of the tracks Oasis were releasing as b-sides. Unfortunately the b-side has gone to the wayside as a way to promote your product, but Mesh get my cash every single time they drop a single. My iTunes account under the “Mesh” heading is a constant stream of the word PURCHASED as you scroll through their catalog.

Runway was a standout track on Looking Skyward and it’s no surprise to see it as single. It’s a well layered uptempo song that highlights everything I love about Mesh. Their rock-tinged synth beats drive the song to a chorus that not only demands body movement, it’s a lot of fun to sing along to. Mesh layer their songs so well that even after multiple listens you still find yourself surprised by what they manage to put into their music. The radio edit of Runway is a sleek version of the track and is one of their catchiest singles to date. Too Little Too Late is a b-side that is an instant Mesh classic. Like Depeche Mode that I mentioned earlier, Mesh have released b-sides that rival that of the best other bands have to offer. As a b-side it also compliments Runway very well…it has a similar tempo, structure, and helps the single flow from track to track. I love the title of the song being sung over the outro music…chills! Now we come to a b-side that was garnering much discussion well before Runway even had a release date. We are treated to a cover of the Yazoo classic track, Tuesday, found originally on the synthpop classic album Upstairs at Eric’s (see my review of that album HERE). It succeeds as an excellent cover because it retains the heart and soul of the original track, right down to the new wave synths. There’s nothing worse than a cover that overhauls the original song to the point that you barely recognize it. Mesh take the bones of Tuesday and built around it with all of the things that you know and love about their sound and create something special as the outcome. The single closes out with the Club Class Mix of Runway, a mix with a heavier blend of synths, a bass beat that has more bounce to it, and is layered thicker than the radio edit. It’s a fun way to end an excellent collection of songs.

If you aren’t already listening to Mesh then please use this as a wake up call. They’re easily the best synthpop band on the market, and I’m well aware that Depeche Mode are still actively making music. Head over to your favorite outlet to purchase music and give Mesh some love.

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