New Music: Filtersweep Collective / Futuresynth Volume #1

JJ.Christie has done something quite special in the land down under. Not only has he been plugging away at making his own music, he’s also created the Filtersweep Collective record label. The first release on this label is the Futuresynth Volume #1, a collection of amazing electronic artists from all across Australia! This is a stellar project and as soon as I heard about it I knew I had to do a feature on it!

So, who exactly are we going to be hearing from on this compilation?

Projekt Camus – An artist out of Tasmania who uses analogue synths to create an old school yet futuristic sound. He contributed the songs: Stage I: Ignition, Stage II: One Giant Leap, and Extra Dimensional Being.

IndiGhost – The Perth, Australia native is no stranger to Echosynthetic. We just featured an article and an interview regarding his latest release, Dreamwalker: Part II. Check it out HERE. This amazing artist creates pure magic with his synths and guitar work. I cannot understate how talented he is. He contributed the songs: Hyperion and A Night at the Drive-In.

Strange Nights – This is an act that is completely new to me. He’s got a great synthpop meets synthwave sound combined with fresh vocals! Definitely someone I’m going to be keeping a closer eye on (that’s what I love about compilations…discoveries like this). He contributed the songs: State of Art and NuDisko (Electrofunk Mix 1987).

JJ.Christie – Also no stranger to Echosynthetic, Tasmania based Christie has been well received in synth community on the strength of his quality synthpop roots. He’s also one amazingly nice guy, which doesn’t hurt! We’ll be featuring a big interview with the man, the myth, and the legend when his new album, Fresh New Idea hits. Aside from putting this whole thing together, he also contributed the songs: Ascension and Nebulastica III (Human)

Actroid – This amazing Australian producer has two songs on the compilation and they are both bangers. He shows a real grasp of different styles and has his finger on the retro pulse (and judging by these tracks that pulse is fast, fast, fast!). He contributed the songs: Enron and Neon Nights.

Agápē – This another act I was unfamiliar with before hearing this collection. Their contribution, Yaweh is Salvation, is a synth based stunner that includes some pretty great guitar work as well.

Synthicide – This Melbourne based synthwaver has every sound in the right place, with tight production, catchy synths, and drums that hit with the precise amount of echo. His contribution to the collection is a slow builder called St. Kilda Serenade.

What are you waiting for? This is a great collection featuring the future of Australian synth based music. Head over to Bandcamp now and give this collection a listen. It’s an excellent opportunity to get a lot of great music at an affordable price.

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