Today’s Listening: Microchip Terror

Microchip Terror’s debut self-titled EP is a an ominous blend of industrial, EBM, and darkwave synths. The music is unrelenting…you wholeheartedly believe that you’re being pursued by an entity that will no stop, ever. The whole tone of the EP is that of danger, not hidden around the corner or in the shadows, but right there upon you.

Targeted for Termination sounds like it was brought back from the future to tell us where dark synth music is headed. Microchip Terror is really on to something here. Others have written songs about cybernetic killers, hell bent to destroy, but this is the first time I’ve “felt” like it could be true. Relentless Bug Hunt has a steady EBM bass beat with great synth keys that really add more depth to the song. The manic staccato of the keys increase the feeing of impending danger I discussed earlier. Cyber Tyrants is a track that GosT would be proud to call his own. It’s a dark and dirty track with an excellent guitar solo from guest, Electric Dragon. The SurgeryHead Remix of Targeted for Termination is an industrial/EBM nightmare come true. It’s a slow burn killer of a remix. Once the best hits toward the end of the song it is an instant head mover. The EP closes out with a cover of Fabio Frizzi’s Apoteosi Del Mistero (which should sound familiar to the Fulci film fans out there!). It’s an aptly dark way to end things and a wel chosen cover.

I have enjoyed the time I’ve spent with his brilliant debut. Microchip Terror has limited edition cassettes over at Bandcamp (only 66 copies made, and one of those is mine!) This guy is doing amazing things, especially if you like your synths to take a trip on the dark side.

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