Alien Day: New Music! FacexHugger / FacexHugger EP

In celebration of Alien Day, FacexHugger has released a brand new self-titled EP! It’s available right now as a Name Your Price album at Bandcamp. This is very exciting becuase it is right on the heels of his big LP that came out last month, Chasing Replicants (we reviewed it HERE). So, what do you get on this EP? Let’s take a closer look.

  1. Savage Streets – This song kicks off the EP with killer bass synths and an equally killer hook. Welcome to FacexHugger! There’s no sitting around enjoying the success of Chasing Replicants for this guy. He’s obviously been hard at work!
  2. Chopping Mall – This may just be my new favorite FacexHugger song. I love the way the synths duel each other and aren’t always hitting the same key. It has a real 80’s vibe to it through and through, and could have easily been pinched from an undiscovered soundtrack.
  3. The X is Silent – Quite possibly the best title of any song released this year, and obviously a tongue-in-cheek reference to his own name. Don’t think the song is light fare based on its name though…this track means business, right out of the gate.
  4. LV-426 – If you don’t know what this song is referencing then you need to stop now and go watch the entire Alien franchise. This song is also competing for my new favorite FacexHugger song. The vocoder vocals were a HUGE surprise and they get my 100% approval rating. This song just oozes cool.
  5. Replicant (NRW Remix) – This is a much richer, layered version of the track Replicant, which was originally found on the Chasing Replicants album I referenced earlier. This song can stand toe to toe with anything on the market. Period.

A big thanks to FacexHugger for such a cool release on Alien Day. What better way to celebrate today than dark synths pumping through my headphones as I plot which Alien films I want to watch. This self-titled EP is well worth your time and your money. FacexHugger is going to be HUGE soon and you’re going to be kicking yourself if you don’t get to say “I knew him when he was still dropping free surprise EPs!”

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