Alien Day: Xenophobia: A Synthwave Alien Tribute

As part of my Alien Day coverage I bring you Xenophobia: A Synthwave Alien Tribute! The compilation album was released today by Tidal Wave Records to celebrate Alien Day and you can get your hands on it right now over at Bandcamp! Are you ready for a retro-tinged, neon-soaked, sci-fi/horror filled collection of songs? Here’s what you get (and there are some hot artists on this tribute!):

  1. Damokles – Proximity Suspense
  2. IndiGhost – The Aliens Have Landed
  3. ERROR:SUCCESS – We’ll Move In Pairs
  4. Neon Shudder – Nostromo
  5. Spektor Baal – Demons in a Box
  6. Aaron Collins – Spired
  7. JJ.Christie – Nebulastica, Part 4
  8. Reapers – Aliens (Radiorama Cover)
  9. Cryocon – Hadley’s Hell
  10. SuperScience – Salvage
  11. Beach Goth Party – Burning Fields
  12. Adam Ford -Fear
  13. Space Disc Jockey – Motion Tracker
  14. Xenophobia

Considering this is a Name Your Price album, I can’t think of a single reason you shouldn’t snag this in celebration of one of the great holidays, Alien Day!


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