New Music: ZAYAZ / ZAYAZ

TimeSlave Recordings just dropped a bombshell on the synthwave community! Not only do we have all kinds of cool Alien Day stuff going on, they just released the self titled debut album from ZAYAZ. As if that wasn’t enough, they also have pre-orders up for a limited edition cassette (that will most certainly sell out…don’t wait). The Canadian synthwave producer ZAYAZ fits right into the TimeSlave aesthetic, with a smooth, well produced sound. Head over to Bandcamp and get yours now. I’ll wait.

The album begins with the sounds of a Testarossa engine turning over and it really sets the pace for what follows. Testarossa Dreams is fine way to introduce yourself, and is a surefire synthwave winner. Chasing Yesterday keeps up the pace with drums that have just the right amount of echo, warm synths, and a bass line that keeps your foot bouncing. The synth solos in this song are big and really soar. If Looks Could Kill is an atmospheric and brooding darkwave piece that is high on my list. Saxophone solo? Yessir! Drago is one of the coolest synthwave songs I’ve ever heard. It begins with samples from Rocky IV and when the music kicks in it goes for the knockout. I’m typing with full body goosebumps…no joke. This is cutting edge, genre defining synthwave. Heat pulls us back up from the the depths and into the sunshine. It’s a well placed ray of light and feels like an ocean side drive with the top down…summer heat just starting to warm the air. Night Racer follows heat like the flip side of the same coin, but this one is a fast paced outrun track that embraces the night…gleaming chrome in the streetlights, neon haze of storefronts blurring by. Powerglove is another heavy hitter with haunting, Blade Runner era Vangelis synths winding their way through the dark. I love the depth they give the track as they slice their way into the track, only to fade out. The album closer, Afterburner, is a slow build that adds layer upon layer until the song has reached a crescendo. Soaring synths fade into the ether as this amazing album comes to a close.

To say I’m impressed with this album would be a severe understatement. ZAYAZ is most definitely a force to be reckoned with and I cannot wait to get my hands on that limited edition cassette. Don’t waste another second, head over to Bandcamp and get your pre-order in now. If digital is the way you want to go, the full album is available right now as well.

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