New Music: Atom Force / 1988

When you pop on some new music and the first thing that greets you are the sounds of a bustling mall, circa 1988, you know you’re in for a nostalgic treat. Atom Force delivers exactly that with his aptly titled release, 1988. It is available right now on Bandcamp!

  1. Mall Girls – This is the intro I alluded to earlier. If you didn’t get to experience the 1980’s, it’s hard to describe what a magnet the mall was. It was the hub of social interaction, entertainment, shopping, and a place to grab a giant slice of pizza.
  2. Eastmost Peninsula – Echoing snare drums, a funky bass beat, and a pleasant, upbeat atmosphere swirl around this track. It definitely compels you to listen further!
  3. Switchblade – A favorite! The song has a slow build intro that drops into a spectacular bass line. It has a real French disco sound to it…a Moroder heartbeat.
  4. Take Me Far Away – Another really great song, with a new wave backbeat, old school synths, and a Twin Peaks style saxophone meandering lazily over the surface. Then, halfway through the song it really kicks into high gear. It morphs into a full-on synthwave track that closes out really strong!
  5. Race for Keeps – As soon as the song hits you know that it has an outrun pulse. It’s fast paced with the layers adding up over time to a very satisfying close.
  6. Being in Love – At atmospherically emotional track that has one of the best hooks on this release. The harmonies compliment each other well and it’s yet another highlight on this already strong album.

If you aren’t already listening to it, head over to the Atom Force Bandcamp and snag this release now! It’s got a little bit of something for everyone and that broad appeal is why I recommend it so highly.

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