Black Needle Noise / Treasured Lies with ZiaLand

This week’s Black Needle Noise focus takes us back to July of 2016 and John Fryer’s collaboration with ZiaLand, Treasured Lies. Beyond writing the lyrics and providing the vocals for this song she also has some great material out herself, which you can find over at her site, If this is your first time delving into my Black Needle Noise posts I strongly urge you to hit the search button here on the site and type in “Black Needle Noise.” After you’ve finished here it will provide you with quite a few in depth looks at this project by legendary producer John Fryer. Alright, now that introductions are out of the way, let’s talk music!

Treasured Lies is an emotional song…a song about foundations that have crumbled, hopes and dreams dashed, and the realization that the life you were living with the one you love wasn’t at all what it seemed. All is not lost though. ZiaLand’s vocals convey the tortured soul that’s the focus of the story here, but there’s hope. The heart does indeed go on, and will fight to see another day. John Fryer layers the song with static and feedback, and at times it feels like you’re hearing a song from the past, which makes complete sense. A broken heart is a story as old as written history so I like how John gives the song a footing in the past while keeping the synthesized sound of the present.

Another week, and with it, another fantastic Black Needle Noise collaboration for John Fryer. The delicate nature of this song isn’t lost because John handled the subject material with care…highlighting it, helping the story progress, and being a part of it while not overwhelming the song with a wall of sound. ZiaLand provides a wonderful brush to paint this story and her vocals carry this song extremely well. As always, please head over to the Black Needle Noise page and check out what John has on offer. There’s a lot left to discover and you can get a jump on my weekly excursions. Don’t forget to check out ZiaLand as well!

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