New Music: JJ.Christie / Fresh New Idea

JJ.Christie’s Fresh New Idea is OUT today! This has been a much anticipated release and I’m excited everyone can hear this synthpop classic in full. You can snag it right now on Bandcamp for a price that is criminally low for the quality that you’re getting. Combine this with his February release of Nebulastica and his Filtersweep Collective Futuresynth Volume #1 and Aussie JJ.Christie is off to a very good 2017!

A musical interlude welcomes us to Fresh New Idea. “7th Heaven (Desolation Mix)” is delightfully space age, which appeals to the sci-fi geek in me. There’s also the hint if something coming…something on the horizon, which I also like. “Pay Per View” kicks things into gear with one of the best synthpop hooks out there. It sounds like New Order and the Pet Shop Boys at the height of their careers filtered through the genius that is JJ.Christie. It’s obvious he has a mastery of what works sonically, blending perfect harmonies with an amazingly catchy synthpop backdrop. “Ascension” keeps up the pace with another well paced and well produced song. It’s a mix of synthwave beats with a synthpop soul, again highlighting Christie’s grasp on synth based music.

“The Aftermath” brings the heat with a baseline that gets the body moving right out of the gate. There’s a sense of nostalgia here, like I mentioned before regarding New Order and the Pet Shop Boys, but there’s more to it than that. There’s a foot firmly planted in the now with these songs and that’s where Christie shines. “Two Lovers” is a classic love song with a sweet story to tell. The harmonies over the outro really add something special. “The Night (Resolution Mix)” brings things to a close well, ending Fresh New Idea just as it began. There’s something on the horizon but I get the feeling I can just glimpse it. If JJ.Christie’s message rings true, that glimpse is of hope. Beyond these songs we also get a couple JJ.Christie remixes of Synthprisma and Opochi!

I am more than thrilled with this release and I’m very excited about how active Christie has been in the music community. He’s helping to shine a light on fellow Aussie’s and he helps that light shine brighter with a strong record like this! Can’t wait to see what’s to come!

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