Big Lich: Corporeal Shadows AND Nightmare Form

Portland’s Big Lich are back with two great singles, bringing their metal fused with synthwave to the masses. We covered their debut EP last month, Rock It From The Crypt, so I thought you might be interested to hear about these new tracks, Corporeal Shadows and Nightmare Form. They’re songs from an upcoming EP, and if the rest of the songs are as good as these two, Big Lich are on fire!

Corporeal Shadows begins with a huge 70’s-esque guitar riff…you can almost feel Ozzy waiting to belt out some vocals about these alluded to in the song title. Instead you get well placed synths, chiptune effects, and a sound that Big Lich is carving out for themselves quite nicely. They lean heavy on the metal here with the synths as accents, something I’m totally fine with. They’re obviously talented musicians and I say, if you’ve got metal chops like this, use them!

Nightmare Form has its roots set more firmly in the synthetic world. The song has a great synth core, with space age bleeps and bloops luring you in…but you can hear the metal beneath the surface. Once the blistering riffs start, you know it’s all about to hit the fan. The boss fight just got serious! The guitar work here is lightning fast, headbangingly good, and Slayer quality stuff. The synths that are layered throughout the song add a great deal to the depth and I’ve got to say this is one of the better tracks I’ve covered as Echosynthetic!

Big Lich are making quite a niche for themselves. There aren’t very many artists that fuse big metal sounds with synth based music. What’s better is that they’re just as talented on the keys as they are the guitar strings, and that’s a mighty impressive combo! We will most certainly be keeping our eyes on this act and bring you updates as they come along!

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