Black Needle Noise / Breathless Speechless (feat. Sivert Høyem)

Black Needle Noise is back with another amazing collaboration from legendary producer John Fryer. This new track features the amazing wordsmith, Sivert Høyem. What I especially love about this song is how dangerously seductive it is. It sounds like a song that would be played in the Black Lodge on Twin Peaks, red curtains swaying in the background. You know it’s a risk but you can’t stop listening!

Breathless Speechless is a song that walks into the room and immediately demands your attention. There’s a languid, smoky darkness about Fryer’s score here that meanders about the room like a snake. Høyem builds on the score with a lyrically sound vocal track that ranks among the best in the Black Needle Noise catalogue.

This track is available right now on Bandcamp and deserves every second of your attention. Fryer is doing amazing things with Black Needle Noise, with each collaboration a different type of adventure. Breathless Speechless is a showcase piece for the talents of both artists…Fryer’s knack for nailing the production of a soundscape for his visiting artist, and Høyem’s skill with intonation and wielding his voice like a silky smooth knife.

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