New Music: Shuriken Sun / Kapernaum

I’ve got to give Shuriken Sun some credit here. The synthwave world is awash with copycats and artists that are emulating others. There’s nothing wrong with that, it gives fans more to choose from and there’s nothing wrong with quantity as long as quality is also there. Shuriken Sun have nothing to worry about because there’s nobody to compare them to. Their latest release, Kapernaum, paves its own way with a unique blend of guitars, industrial beats, and chiptune sensibilities. And like my fellow blogger Watermelon Banzai noted, Shuriken Sun have one of the coolest names out there!

The title track welcomes you to Kapernaum with dueling guitar solos, chiptune blips, and a steady driving beat. The Cenotaph kicks things up a notch with its deep bass, aggrotech synths, and robotic, synthesized vocals. It’s a heavy hitter and most certainly gained a spot in my daily playlist. Beneath the City is dark, brooding, and honestly feels like a foray into the depths of a giant metropolis. Not for the faint of heart, especially when it really hits halfway through. Gammacoil Test Drive is a song after my heart. It sounds like it was pulled right out of the height of KMFDM’s Nihil period. It’s a great track and keeps the tempo at full tilt. March of the Hierophants is another song with a bold aggrotech heartbeat, with well placed vocoder android vocals, and a hook that I’d put up against anyone. This is a hit, through and through. Grungy guitar work over the end of the song, with an almost western theme wandering its way over it? Yes, please, with icing on top! Where the Horizons Divide closes out the release on a lighter tone. In my head the video it created had very soft edges, lots of smoke from just off screen, and purple and pink tones. It’s a great way to end things because it’s like slowing into the station after a fast and wild roller coaster ride.

If you couldn’t tell, Shuriken Sun really impressed me. Their blend of sounds is right up my ally (I’m a huge fan of industrial music and there are definitely hints of it throughout Kapernaum). You can check it out right now over at Bandcamp. It’s worth every dime you can throw at it!

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