Revenge of the Fifth: Azriel / Legends of the Old Republic EP 1

As we celebrate Revenge of the Fifth today, I thought it only fitting to review a Sith related Star Wars release. Fortunately Azriel released an amazing EP in February that was made for a review today. Legends of the Old Republic EP 1 tells the story of Elirana, a young and beautiful Jedi who falls to the Dark Side. Yep, it’s a PERFECT way to celebrate Revenge of the Fifth.

Legends of the Old Republic begins with a perfectly dark and brooding prelude. You know from the beginning that this isn’t a story with a happy ending, and I love it! Dark Curtain begins on a dark tone and ends with the Imperial March. Rise of Darth Arkalus continues down the dark path we are headed down. The synth work that soars over the end of this track are really effective, especially against the darker bass tones. Lead by Anger is a killer song that has a great bass beat that controls the tempo of the song. It’s a slow builder that really grows into a tension filled piece of work. The Fall of the Jedi Council begins with great Star Wars sample work, heavy drums, and ominous synths. Fitting, especially given the title of the song. It’s a great example of dark wave music and it sets a tone that you can feel in your bones. Bad things have been done, Jedi have died, and the Sith have grown in power. What Will I Do Now? closes out Legends of the Old Republic with a dark majestic tone. Our protagonist/antagonist has a lot of things ahead of her, you can almost feel the confusion of where her decisions have led her. I’m pumped to hear more of where this story is headed!

I’d like to give Azriel a big thanks for sharing this album with me. He had no clue it would end up being a showcase for my Revenge of the Fifth celebration, but it was too good to pass up the opportunity. So, celebrate Revenge of the Fifth in style, download some Azriel, and relive the Legends of the Old Republic. You can find it on Bandcamp at a “Name Your Price” cost, but I urge you to at least throw a little money his way, especially as a Star Wars fan!

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