Stilz Cassette Contest!

Boy do we have a huge contest on our hands here! Stilz is offering up not one, but TWO cassettes for a big Echosynthetic contest. What’s on offer? Let’s see!


Cassette #1: Limited Edition Starcrash Cassette

Cassette #2: Limited Edition Judicator Cassette

That’s right, Stilz and Echosynthetic are giving away this set of SOLD OUT cassettes to one lucky winner. What do you have to do win? It’s simple! Here are the rules:

  1. On Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook post your favorite Stilz song and why it’s your favorite. Use the Hashtag #StilzContest or the post won’t be included in the giveaway. Feel free to tag us so we can see what you post!
  2. You’re entered to win! Want more chances? Post on all three! That gets you three entries into the contest. One for each service!
  3. The winner will be announced on Friday May 12, so get those hashtags out there!

Sorry the contest is a little more involved but this is a huge giveaway and I’m tired of bots ruining my retweet contests. Besides, this is a much more personal way to pick a winner and also shouts out the amazing Stilz, who has been gracious enough to offer up these prize cassettes!

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