New Music: Greyskull / Eighties Kids

Synthwave outfit Greyskull have released an amazing album titled, Eighties Kids. It’s the album I’ve been wanting ALL year but had no idea it was coming. From start to finish it is chock full of hit songs, each on complimenting the greater whole of the record. In short, it’s one of the best albums on the market right now and everyone is going to find something to love here, even the most jaded of you out there.

“Run for the Treeline” is our introduction to Eighties Kids. It’s a song that is so well layered it almost glows with warmth. Every sound compliments the next in such a way that it fees like harmonies were meant to exist together. “When I See Her I’ll, Tell Her” grows off of the harmonic success of the previous track. To me it has everything going for it…an emotional hook, well produced harmonies, and heart. So much heart. “Ride the Path” and “Get the Bikes” drop us into dark synth waters. Both tracks have a heavier atmosphere and keep the album from getting predictable. “Outside My Garage” features vocals by Stephen Galgocy and is an album highlight. More than just the excellent vocals, the song is well structured and is by no means a paint by numbers synthwave track. “You Can Bring Your Toys” is one of my favorites, with a deep, rich sound, and harmonies that work so well together. Are you starting to notice a trend? Greyskull have a mastery of harmony, and that my friend, is the key to my synthwave heart!

“Off of the Ground” welcomes us to the mid point of Eighties Kids with a bass line that never stops, brilliantly used Pink Floyd style guitar work, and a real progressive feel. “Picked Up From the Dance” starts out with a down tempo beat with a bouncing bass that gets the head nodding. Once the synth tracks start you realize that this song is anything but down tempo. As if that isn’t enough you get crunchy, distorted guitars added to the mix. The song closes out with what sounds like synths being played in reverse. Kudos to Greyskull for being so bold with their songwriting! “Flashlight Tag” has a lighter air to it with more ethereal synths exploring the sound space. Then, like most of these other songs, Greyskull break from the norm and add excellent guitar work that puts the work into a whole new category.

“Beasts of No Order” pulls us into the closing portion of the album with deep bass that gives way to an almost hopeful synth score. It’s like the dueling synths are soaring over the darkness below. “Save the Clock Tower” features vocals from Regina L., and it’s a song that could have been cut right out of a Röyksopp and Robyn collaboration. It’s a heavy hitter with another great Greyskull hook. “Cut Through My Yard” is a chiptune filled nostalgic romp through memories of childhood. It’s a fun, uptempo track with a lot of the aforementioned heart that Greyskull have infused into their work. “Orko’s Revenge” brings the shadows back  but not without the light. The harmonies keep things from getting out of control. This is a builder of a track, layers adding up to a klaxon finish. “Drive-In” brings this to a close with a flourish, proving that Greyskull are the master of this domain they’ve created.

Eighties Kids is by far one of the most complete albums of 2017. Nothing about it seems rushed, unfinished, or an afterthought. On the contrary, it is polished to a fuzzy nostalgic glow, filled with surprises, and it’s obvious a lot of love went into it. Greyskull, cheers. I absolutely love what you did here. Eighties Kids is available right now! Check it out now over on Bandcamp.

3 thoughts on “New Music: Greyskull / Eighties Kids

  1. Thank you so much for this heartfelt review of my debut album. You really listened to each track on so many levels. It is so appreciated! Rad review and cheers.



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