New Artist Alert: An Interview with Actroid

As part of my Patreon benefits, JJ.Christie had the opportunity this month to recommend an artist for me to cover. He selected Actroid, an artist who was part of his Filtersweep Collective Futuresynth Volume #1 compilation that was released recently (if you haven’t heard it yet, it’s a collection of great synth based artists from Australia and is well worth your time…you can snag it on Bandcamp).

Actroid got his start in the music scene as a DJ and quickly made a name for himself. Looking to push his jungle/drum and bass sound further, combined with his love of the 80’s and 90’s, Actroid started producing “future bass” sound. His tilt toward synthwave at that point was inevitable and his inclusion on the aforementioned Futuresynth compilation serves as proof that he’s good at what he does.

With a new EP on the way and as a star that is certainly on the rise, Echosynthetic are excited to have an interview with Actroid to share with you!

For those who don’t know, who is Actroid?

I’m an Australian Producer and Dj, living out of Tasmania, Australia. I write music influenced from the many genres I’ve played over the years.

You we’re a DJ for years. What was was the most satisfying part of that work?

Ahh, DJ’ing!!, been a relentless ride to say the least. After a long night on the decks, to be thanked for the music you played and patrons explaining to you, how much they enjoyed themselves. I think that’s a big reward in itself. But playing Support for Noisia (Netherlands) would be the highlight of my DJ career…One of my most loved artist I’ve followed since they started.

What prompted the move toward the synthwave sound?

I’ve been a big 80’s fan since i was young. Writing Synth music was a side passion of mine and I actually didn’t work out it was a new genre until I started hearing a lot of retro orientated music made in the last few years. More investigation revealed Synthwave/Outrun. I had to give this a good go…and here we are!

What have been some of your biggest influences?

Biggest influences would be my long time friend, DJ and best mate. We’ve been digging 80’s & 90’s since we met, he’s a lot older than me so he has a lot more knowledge on the music side. Listening to a lot of Genesis and Phil Collins records got me stuck into the 80’s/90’s sounding music.

You recently had two tracks included on the Filtersweep Collective Futuresynth Volume #1. How did that come about?

So I think I’d put out a call for help making 80’s guitar sounds via vsts and Jamie hit me back with some helpful info, I sent him the “Magnavox” (TBA) demo. JJ. asked if I’d have a few tracks to submit to a record label for Filtersweep. Of course I jumped at the chance and got to writing.

Who are some bands you enjoyed growing up?

Ahh its a long list, so i’ll make it simple. Phil Collins & Genesis were always my favourite, At college it was a lot of punk. Noisia, Foreigner, Metallica, Icehouse, Fleetwood Mac, Harold Faltermeyer, and many more. But Phil is on top!

You’ve got an EP coming soon, what can you tell us about that?

It’s going to be a mixable EP…Intro and outros…DJ friendly mixable tracks (with my background it will suit). Heavy synth chords, plenty of drum rolls as I do love a good ol’ tom tom roll. Louder and brighter for sure, but i cannot give all the secrets away.

What are some other recent releases you’ve been listening to?

JJ.Christie’s new tunes coming out have been sounding great. Really digging his vibe and style of music. Also just heard Ethereal Delusions “In the Air” cover, It’s worth a listen! VHS Dreams newbie “Your loving arms”, Turbo Knight – Metahumans. And a lot of Tame Impala “Currents” album. Did I tell you Phil Collins is doing another tour? I’m excited!

Anyone you’d like to thank or give a shout out?

I’d like to thank my fans and people who have ever attended my gigs, listened to my music. Big shout out to JJ.Christie for actually noticing me and putting my music on his label. My Mother, god rest her soul. My best mate Barry Young, and to the people reading this interview! And thanks to Echosynthetic for taking the time to interview me and share our music.

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