Black Needle Noise / Naughty Girl (feat. Spectra*paris)

I’ve got a real treat for you with this week’s deep dive into the Black Needle Noise catalogue! This week’s feature is Naughty Girl, featuring Spectra*paris. The timing on this is quite coincidental but as it happens, Spectra*paris has a new album that just came out on Dependent. You can check it out HERE. As I mentioned when started, I said we were taking a deep dive…I meant that quite literally. Naughty Girl is an excellently crafted slice of dark industrial music, with that classic John Fryer listenability.

As soon as Naughty Girl begins, a grungy bass sets the tone. A rhythmic drum cadence repeats itself with depth charge deep synths and you know you’re not in Kansas anymore. Once you hear a laughter through the haze you really know you’re in trouble. Spectra*paris’s vocals carry a swagger and demand your attention…this is no leather and lace Naughty Girl…it’s all leather here. Fryer’s hypnotic beat carries her dangerously smooth vocals into a headbanger of a chorus line. Definitely one of my favorites of the Black Needle Noise tracks I’ve covered.

As usual, the pairing of the two artists together is so amazing that you want a whole album of material. But, like always, Fryer leaves the fruit hanging visibly on a tree with many branches, each with their own musical gifts. It’s a testament to how talented he is across so many forms of electronic music. Why settle for one style when you can have so much variety? This isn’t just a John Fryer show here though…Spectra*paris owns this track with her strong approach and delivery. Once again I find myself debating which Black Needle Noise song is my favorite? Do I have to choose just one?

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