New Music: 3TEETH / shutdown.exe

The long wait is finally over, 3TEETH’s follow up to their hard hitting self-titled debut is here! <shutdown.exe> not only delivers the goods, it shows the expansion and progression of a band that is hitting their stride. You can pick it up TODAY at your favorite musical purchasing outlet. I pre-ordered mine through Bandcamp along with a super sweet gatefold vinyl. They’ve still got some amazing packages available but most are limited so don’t wait! So…how good is this album? Let’s jump into the pit of fire and find out!

Divine Weapon welcomes you to <shutdown.exe> with a churning sledgehammer of a track. It’s an atmospheric opener with echoing prayers from atop minarets broken up by a heavy dirge of a chorus that sets the stage for what is to come as we dive deeper. Pit of Fire turns up the heavy, but there’s something else here. Do I hear harmony? Oh my! Just as you hit the high of the verse, 3TEETH pull out the rug and the heavy hook chorus brings the heat. Pit of Fire is also a song that builds to a frenzy as you get closer to the end of the track. Definitely an album highlight. Atrophy was one of the first videos released ahead of the album. It’s a good marriage of the 3TEETH sound you got from the first album…straight for the jugular riffs, filtered vocals, with roots in early 90’s industrial, and the bigger, badder 3TEETH of now…produced perfection, layers of sounds that create an almost visual atmosphere, and a tightness of the hooks that can only come with time honing the craft. Oblivion Coil is my favorite song on the album. It has a harsh EBM backbeat, a chorus that keeps you off guard, and a killer breakdown. It’s a perfectly crafted 3 minute capsule of everything I love about this band. Shutdown keeps the EBM feel going strong with a hook that is undeniable. It pulls you into the brutally heavy chorus, whether you’re ready or not. The dynamic balance of synth based verse to industrial guitar work in the chorus is another 3TEETH calling card I love.

Degrade brings us to the mid point of the album with another hook that will not let go. The chorus of this track is one of the best in the 3TEETH catalogue…it’s just so well layered, and the riff…it’s an instant headbanger. Tower of Disease is a slow burn track that becomes heavier and heavier as time goes on. This adds a great deal to the overall manic tone and feel of the song. Tabula Umbra is a tribal infused, experimentally progressive track…it reminded me a lot of the work of iVardensphere. The track leans into its close with a haunting, atmospheric static sound…great stuff. Voiceless shows the versatility that 3TEETH possess as they transition into yet another style of music. It follows a much more traditional “pop” sound, but before you groan, remember this is 3TEETH we’re talking about here. The track is a harmony filled and catchy blend of synths and industrially inclined guitar work. SlaveGod is another favorite. It has a swagger about it that just resonates throughout the song. It reminds me of the heaviest work The Deftones have ever done with everything turned up a notch. Once you hit the second half of the song the production work is just phenomenal, little sounds and harmonies in the back ground that balance out the depths of the track are nice touches.

Insubstantia steers this runaway train toward the station. It’s a surprisingly delicate track with a tremendous amount of atmospheric work at play. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still heavy, but 3TEETH have mastered the art of juggling lighter tones but still keeping their hard edge being ever present. It’s something some bands struggle with, but this track alone is one of the best examples of how things have progressed since their debut. B.O.A. is darkly harmonious churner with a chorus that would have fit in on the radio as the 90’s transitioned into the 00’s. Point being, nobody is making music like this anymore and I absolutely love what they did here. Away From Me closes the album out with what has to be one of the band’s most accomplished works. It’s a song that builds on itself so well that by the time it’s over you just sit in silence for a few minutes to soak in the experience you just had….then you hit play and start the whole thing over again.

In short, <shutdown.exe> by 3TEETH is the album of the year. I dare anyone to release an album this year that’s going to match the intensity, atmosphere, production, and face melting riff-work. More than that, the lyrical content of these tracks are on topic, push against the status quo, and raise social awareness of the insane world we live in. So not only are 3TEETH the band we want, they’re also the band we need. Buy this album. Now.

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