Black Needle Noise / Dead Star feat. Betsy Martin

I’m back again with another look deeper into the Black Needle Noise catalogue. Today’s exploration brings us to Dead Star with vocals by Betsy Martin of the band Purr Machine. I know you probably thought I’d forgotten about my weekly coverage of John Fryer’s musical project, but NOT SO! It was just a busy week and “life” in general had other ideas of how I should be spending my free time.

Immediately after hitting play, Dead Star makes its atmospheric presence known. There’s a delicate sophistication to it that gives it a personality all of its own. It’s a slow burn of a track that builds on itself, folding Fryer’s studio wizardry over Martin’s vocal track. The vulnerability and almost ethereal nature of the song is balanced by the dark tone of the music as Martin half whispers the word “hush” several times over. The whole time I was listening to song I was reminded of David Bowie and the feel of his modern works. Dead Star is a fitting homage to the man who changed so many lives with his art, and like Bowie, it’s as mystical as it is grounded in reality.

Like all other Black Needle Noise songs that we cover, Dead Star is available at Bandcamp. And, like all of the other Black Needle Noise songs that we cover, Dead Star is another light strewn across the dark universe that John Fryer has created. Betsy Martin is spot on with her vocals and lyrics. They add so much to the overall aesthetic of the track that it just wouldn’t be the same without her contributions. Until next week, enjoy Dead Star in all its dark glory.

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