A View to a Kill: Happy Trails, Roger Moore

In the never ending debate of the best and worst James Bond performances, Roger Moore’s name is always on the side of the best. Though his approach to Agent 007 was more tongue-in-cheek than the revered Sean Connery, he showed that Bond could and would survive without the Scotsman at the helm.

Moore will always have a special place in my heart because he was Bond during my childhood, that formative time when your strongest memories are made. He nailed the look, had the suavely debonair style, and more than anything, he respected to role and left it better than when he took it.

While I am saddened at his passing, Moore’s legacy will live on forever in the three digit moniker he played so well. He made me believe, as a nerdy and awkward kid, that I could be a spy…and that is magic that can never be taken away.

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