Concert Coverage: TWRP & Vampire Step-Dad in Atlanta @ The Vinyl 6/19

We’ve got quite a few shows that we’re going to be covering over the next few months, from 3TEETH, to KMFDM/ohGr, to Perturbator and Front 242. Shining like a bright star in all that darkness is a show coming up June 19th at the Vinyl in Atlanta. Not only do I get to cover one of my favorite bands in TWRP (Tupperware Remix Party), but they’ve added Vampire Step-Dad to the show, so now I get to cover TWO of my favorite acts! This is going to be one of the most entertaining shows of the year, guaranteed!

TWRP are a four-piece band of rock and roll best friends who come from the future to eliminate boredom with disco funk goodness. Did I mention that they’re also from the 1980’s? Oh, and they’re from the farthest reaches of the galaxy. And Toronto! Yep, there too! This energetic and always entertaining four piece is made up of Doctor Sung on vocals/keytar, Lord Phobos on guitar, Commander Meouch on bass, and Haave Hogan on drums. If that doesn’t at least make you curious enough to venture out to a show on a Monday night, they’re also supporting a new EP called Ladyworld (that’s fantastic)!

But wait! We’re not done here. One of synthwave’s most beloved father figures just so happens to live in Atlanta. Could this mean that we get more live Vampire Step-Dad goodness? You betcha it does! He’s already blown away fans opening for Carpenter Brut at Terminal West, survived technical difficulties at the Drunken Unicorn, and now he’s bringing his dad jokes and keytar solos to The Vinyl. He’s supporting his own new music, Love Bites, which you can snag as we speak!

If you’re in the Atlanta area I highly suggest you buy your tickets NOW. The tour is selling out across the country and the combination in Atlanta of TWRP with Vampire Step-Dad is a one-two punch that you shouldn’t pass up. You can buy tickets through Ticket Alternative right now (and they don’t charge you tons of crazy service fees…they’re great!). If you’re outside of the Atlanta area, don’t fret! I’ll be live-streaming the entire Vampire Step-Dad performance via Periscope on the Echosynthetic Twitter account (you should be following @echosynthetic already, right?). We also have an interview with TWRP in the works so you should see that soon! Here are the rest of the TWRP tour dates:

Upcoming Dates


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