New Music: Occams Laser / The Four Horsemen

As if the Summer of Synthwave couldn’t get any hotter, Occams Laser just dropped a major release. The Four Horsemen EP released today with what has to be one of the best sleeve arts ever created. You might be wondering how Occams Laser was going come back after his amazing Divine Comedy trilogy was completed, and now you have your answer…in a blaze of apocalyptic glory. Buy it now at Bandcamp!

Death is the first of the Four Horsemen we are introduced to. Dark strings, ominous brass, and an orchestra of impending doom set the stage for a synth bass line that is undeniably catchy. You are instantly aware that you’re in the presence of a master craftsman. War follows next with more of a driving tone…uptempo drums keeping the pace at a steady clip. Dramatic harmonies compete effectively over the low and high registers. The synth hook that closes out the song is one that I keep coming back to. So good!

Famine takes us past the halfway point with a fittingly oppressive tone. It grabs you with a steady bass beat, off kilter synth work, and keeps you off guard throughout. Conquest closes the EP with a somber and reserved, I don’t know, almost regal feel. It’s a track that sums up the dark journey we’ve just experienced, but at the same time demands a certain respect.

Once again, Occams Laser proves to be one of the most talented artists making synth based music. The Four Horsemen EP is a must own for anyone that enjoys their synthwave with a dark twist. For everyone else, there’s plenty here for you too. From tight hooks, head banging beats, and well crafted song structures. In short, head to Bandcamp and check this out as soon as you can!

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