Saving Humanity From Boredom: An Interview With TWRP

Ahead of their June 19th show with Vampire Step-Dad at The Vinyl in Atlanta, we were lucky to get to have a conversation with TWRP! It’s not easy pinning down time travelling rock heroes but they were kind enough to answer all of our questions. We’re going to have full coverage of the show so be sure to keep your eyes peeled on our Twitter feed on the night of the 19th.

Since we’ve already previewed the show (you can check it out HERE), we’re going to dive right into the interview!

For anyone who doesn’t know already, who are TWRP?

TWRP is an elite squad of synth-rock stars from the future. We are a four-piece band who plays original music that smashes together the sounds of rock, funk and electronic, all with a retro-futuristic flavor. We kind of look like the Power Rangers crossed with Daft Punk.

You are from the future AND from the 1980’s. What’s it like being stuck between the two?

We do so by choice. As travelers of space/time, we have come forward from the future in order to alter the course of history. Our goal is to deliver humanity from the clutches of sadness, tedium and certain boredom.

Certainly you’re not all from the same parts of the universe…where did you meet?

Drum camp. Online video games. Music school. Ancient worlds across the multiverse. All of these are scenarios in which we have met each other across our various and conflicting parallel timelines.

Your music is disco funky fresh with a modern tilt. What has influenced your music the most?

Our musical tastes are very eclectic and vary widely from member to member. Some of the artists that all of our interests converge on would be: Earth, Wind & Fire, Daft Punk, Toshiki Kadomatsu, ABBA, Todd Terje. However, our influences stretch well beyond the realm of music – Carl Sagan, Bruce Lee, Adult Swim, the 1980s, science fiction and video games are just some of the other things that inspire us to do what we do. Perhaps the biggest, most important influence on our music is the attitude that we carry – to not take ourselves too seriously.

Speaking of your music, on the surface it is light hearted fun, but there are some serious musical chops going on here. What kind of shared musical backgrounds do you have?

Our backgrounds are very difficult to chronicle accurately, with those parallel timelines and all. We relish the ambiguity of our stories. The straightest answer that can be given is that we all have some degree of formal training. What’s most important is that we’ve been making music together for years and all bring something special to the group – and fill in each other’s weaknesses.

Your Ladyworld EP came out in January. How happy are you with the finished product?

We are very happy with the finished product. We’ve released a new EP every 9 months or so for the last several years. With each EP we try to go for a different sound, be it the sound of an era, a genre, or the sound of a favourite artist or album; we really try to experiment with each release. Ladyworld EP was sort of our super-posi take on Japanese funk/electronic, influenced musically and aesthetically by artists like Yellow Magic Orchestra, Toshiki Kadomatsu, and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

You’ve got a big tour kicking off with lots of dates selling out already. What is your favorite part of touring?

Seeing new places and playing each night, for sure. Being on tour is far from being a tourist, as you rarely have any free time to do the cool shit in each city, but you can definitely pick up on the vibe of a city. It’s also incredibly exciting to play to new crowds every night – and the feeling of seeing a room of people singing along to your songs in a place you’ve never been before is totally surreal.

How do you pick the cover songs you play?

With few exceptions, we only cover songs from the 70s/80s. We usually decide on covers when we’re all in the van listening to a song and are just jamming to it, and it just dawns on us that we must play that song. Usually the question, “would this song’s vocals sound good on talkbox?” comes up in the process too.

Favorite on tour food?

This may sound ridiculous, but the answer is definitely soylent. It’s a perfectly balanced meal replacement that you can consume in like 30 seconds – basically, it’s future food. It’s not our favourite because it tastes amazing or because it brings us pleasure, no…  but because it’s totally utilitarian and keeps us healthy. When you’re on the road for weeks at a time, with no time or options aside from fast food, it gets old FAST, and your body needs something nourishing, no matter how joyless it may be to consume.

Any parting words?

Believe in your dreams. Don’t be a dick to others. Don’t be a dick to the planet. And let’s party.

And in case you’re wondering, they’re serious…don’t be a dick to the planet

I’d like to once again thank TWRP for talking to us, especially since they do indeed have a very busy schedule currently. And remember, they’re not just hitting Atlanta! This is a full North American tour. Full dates for the tour can be found at the bottom of THIS post.


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