Retro Review: A-Ha / Scoundrel Days (1986)

On my mission to educate the masses, especially in America, regarding the amazing talent of A-Ha, I am reviewing their second album, Scoundrel Days. America as a whole forgot about A-Ha after their debut album left the charts, something that has bothered me to no end. Hunting High and Low spawned the number one hit single, Take on Me, and a top twenty single with The Sun Always Shines on TV (which topped the charts in the UK). Unfortunately as the 80′s wore on the band was unable to capture further success in the States. Since we collectively missed out on Scoundrel Days I am sharing it with you now.

Scoundrel Days was a massive success around the world. It sold over 6 million copies and had major success with the single I’ve Been Losing You, which hit number 1 in Norway and number 8 in the UK. The single Cry Wolf would make it to number 50 in the United States, though it did better on the club charts. Other hits on the album like Manhattan Skyline, The Swing of Things, and Scoundrel Days are all fan favorites that are included in live shows to this day.

When asked about their favorite songs they’ve ever written all three members of A-Ha mention songs from Scoundrel Days. It’s a cohesive unit from start to finish and shows a great deal of maturity for a band that had risen to stardom overnight with their debut. Unlike most bands, A-Ha has had the same line-up since day one and has never fallen into the scandalous behavior that plagued so many bands from that era.

They’ve sold over 50 million albums worldwide and their farewell tour in 2010 made them one of the most successful live act in the world as well, selling out show after show. Thankfully their hiatus ended in 2015 with the release of their newest album, Cast in Steel. It thrills me to no end that they still have such a strong world-wide audience that loves them. This means more great music from one of the most important bands out there, even if America did collectively miss out on so much of their work.

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