Time is Running Out! Get your Echosynthetic T-Shirt Pre-Order In!

That’s right! Pre-orders are only available through May 31st…which means time is running out to get one when they ship out in June. I own a Square Wave tee for Night Raptor, FacexHugger, TimeSlave Recordings, Vampire Step-Dad, and the black and white original Square Wave logo. Why do I keep coming back for more? Because their shirts are super soft, comfortable, and lovingly made. They’re also a super cool and super supportive part of the synth community. It’s a one-two combo….support for the artists I love AND support for Square Wave Clothing. You can’t lose!


It would thrill me to no end to see my Echosynthetic shirts flying off the shelves, and I’m sure Square Wave would love that too. So, how can you help? By pre-ordering! How do you do that, you might ask? Head over to Square Wave by clicking right HERE. It’s as simple as that. I’ve mentioned it before, but I don’t make a dime doing what I do here at the site. The money I make from Patreon and off of these shirts gets turned right around into buying the albums of the bands I cover and expanding the scope of Echosynthetic. So, by helping me you’re not only supporting grass roots blog work you’re supporting Square Wave, a company that’s vitally important to the scene, and ultimately the bands you love. In fact, you could call it a public service t-shirt :0)

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