Black Needle Noise: Behind the 4th Door feat. Elena Alice Fossi

Our weekly plunge into the depths of the Black Needle Noise music catalog continues with Behind the 4th Door, featuring the vocal talents of Elena Alice Fossi. We’ve picked up quite a bit of traffic since I started doing these BNN posts, chronicling the solo studio work of the legendary John Fryer. If this is your first Black Needle Noise post, or even your second or third, I strongly urge you to hit the search button here on the site when you’re finished. You’re going to find quite a few more Black Needle Noise reviews to dive into as a result.

Behind the 4th Door gets into the action immediately. After a short industrial intro the tempo steps up very quickly. Elena Alice Fossi was the perfect choice for this song, and again, if you’ve been keeping up with these BNN posts, Fryer has a knack for knowing exactly who to collaborate with on his songs. I like this track a lot because it’s almost two songs in one. On one side you get the head bouncing, body moving, banger of a track. Fossi’s vocals blend perfectly and the cadence of her lyrics add to the overall flow. On the other you get a deeply brooding, industrial tinged, with a haunting atmosphere. What sets this song apart is the way Fryer blends the two into one cohesive song. How does he do it? Fossi. She’s the glue that marries the two together. What a great song!

As always, in parting I sit here with my headphones on having listened to the song a half dozen times. I’m always in awe of how diverse Fryer’s musical talents are and at how he seems to know the perfect person to bring along for the ride. Fossi is pure magic in Behind the 4th Door and I firmly believe that there’s no one that could have done it better. Check back next week for more Black Needle Noise and while you wait be sure to check out the rest of Fryer’s BNN work on Bandcamp!

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