Synthwave Sunday: low.poly.exception / Cycle 1

This Sunday I decided to try something completely different, step out of the safety of the sunlight a bit, you might say. This week’s Synthwave Sunday focus is on a band called low.poly.exception, an act whose music is just as mysterious as the band itself. Truth is, there’s not a lot of information out there at all, other than cryptic messages on the band’s very cool Bandcamp page, a YouTube channel with some hints at new material, and a Twitter account that has just recently opened. The band has a new EP due out on June 6th and a full length later this year so I figured I better jump on their debut!

Freelancenodes welcomes the listener to Cycle 1 with what sounds like rain combined with alternating percussion sounds and glitched musical tones. Wherever this EP is about to take us, it sounds like it’s going to be on the darker side of things. Just a hunch. 20XX flows seamlessly out of the intro with an amazing bass beat, lilting piano work, more glitched out tones, and the feeling that you’re heading into a deep mystery. 12:00 AM Gyoza Bar maintains that air of mystery and danger…like we’ve stumbled into what’s left of a rotting metropolis, its late at night, and the only light is coming from this seedy bar. Third Impact is an uptempo and well orchestrated piece. There are lots of layers here that work together to add to the overall atmosphere. That atmosphere is almost a panic state…the drums maintain such a manic staccato that it keeps you on edge. Neural Network has a cyberpunk paranoia to it. I love the breakbeat fee if the drums, the standout bass track, and the subtle darkness. Recursion 1.2 is an almost instant body mover. The bass hook, static edged percussion, and echoing bell synth track combine to make one amazing stand out track. Within the Basilisk is the closer and it shuts the door with an ominous tone. There’s obviously more to this story…the track feels like closing credits to a film that has more to tell, more on its mind.

Cycle 1 is available at a Name Your Price bargain on Bandcamp, which is crazy considering the quality of this work. This whole EP is a breath of fresh air, something new. I am very much looking forward to the new work that is on the way!

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