New Music: Powerwalker feat. Ethereal Delusions / Hominem Ex Machina

As if the summer of synth couldn’t get any hotter, Powerwalker just dropped a new single featuring Ethereal Delusions. Hominem Ex Machina is the musical equivalent of a big summer blockbuster starring two of your favorite actors. It’s big, it’s bold, and it hold your attention from start to finish. As soon as the beat starts you know you’re in for a wild ride…that’s when Ethereal Delusions hits you like Soundwave with some killer vocal work. But wait…this thing is a builder. It starts off slow but you can feel the tension building…Once you get close to two minutes in Hominem Ex Machina really takes off. What I really love about this track is that it’s exactly what I wanted without knowing that I wanted it. Powerwalker and Ethereal Delusions have managed to step to the side of what everyone else is doing and explore some new arenas of sound. The result is a song that’s immediately accessible while still keeping you guessing. Well played, boys. Hominem Ex Machina is available right now on Bandcamp with a name your price cost.

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