Calling the Ghosts Music: A New Label Worth Your Attention

There’s a new label on the scene called Calling The Ghosts Music, and they have my attention. They’re a non-commercial label that allows independent artists to express their creativity in multiple electronic genres from ambient, to techno, to EBM, etc. There really are no boundaries. They’re also home to the amazing Blinky Blinky Computerband that I covered a little while back, which makes perfect sense…they embody pretty much every electronic genre out there. You can read my interview with Blinky mastermind, Olaf Krautwurst, HERE. So, let’s check out some new music!

Poison by Calling The Ghosts is the first single released on the label. Calling the Ghosts is an electronic dance project by the aforementioned studio wizard, Olaf Krautwurst. The track is an immersive dance track, one that you could easily lose yourself in. As soon as it begins and the bass beat hits, you’re moving. I don’t care if it’s just your foot tapping, head nodding, or full body movement…this track is infectious. It succeeds in marrying the sounds of the mid to late 90’s, when this type of music was a mainstay, and a song structure that is relevant to today’s listener. Good stuff.

The label’s second single is called Into the Deep by Visible Silence. It’s a darkly ambient track that immediately sets an ominous tone. The way the synths intermingle before going separate directions, both low and high, are brilliant over a droning, deep bass. Where the song really wins is the atmosphere it creates. It pulls you into this dark web of a story that it’s telling, and it’s a thrill of a ride. I’m very interested in hearing more from Visible Silence in the future…this is right up my alley.

Just released at the start of June is the label’s latest single, Temporary Lawful Resident by Restriction 9. If you’re tired of the same old synth music, this project from Sweden’s Robert Karlgren is sure to perk you up. It’s an uptempo track with well layered harmonies, a synth hook that keeps your interest from start to finish, and that beat! This is pure, dance worthy electronic music that has been handled with creative care…every tone, every beat, and every harmony is in its right place. This is another project I will have my eyes firmly centered on going forward!

As you can see, there’s a lot of variety coming out of this label, and that’s what I love about it. The reliance on a single sound gets old and can lead to stagnation…Calling The Ghosts Music seem to be building a stable of acts that are far from the status quo and that is extremely refreshing. Head over to their Bandcamp now to buy some singles and then give them a follow over on Facebook to stay up to date on new releases. They’ve got a pretty aggressive release schedule to expect lots of new tunes. We will be covering each one as they hit!

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