New Music: Ethereal Delusions / Wingman feat. Noah Bernstein

This weekend we got a a shiny new single from Ethereal Delusions. Wingman, featuring Noah Bernstein, is the latest work from one of the busiest men on the scene. Between working behind the scenes at Delusional Mastering, playing live shows in the Pacific Northwest, and collaborating with a number of other artists, I have no idea how Jon Thomson has time do anything else. Regardless, the end result is always quality and that’s why we continue to feature his work.

With Wingman, Ethereal Delusions is showing once again how versatile he is. Not only is it a progressive track that goes its own way, it remains catchy and accessible. This is a tough balancing act that Jon seems to be able to handle deftly. Let’s not forget Noah Bernstein. His saxophone work in this track is simply amazing and truly sets this single apart from other recent releases. On top of a great single you’re also getting a great b-side, Outrun the Dark (2017 edit). Sign me up!

Music video for the title track from the amazing folks over at Neon Nights!

Wingman is available right now over at Bandcamp for the low price of $1.00. This gets you the new single PLUS a revamped version of Outrun the Dark. This, my friends, is a steal. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled as Ethereal Delusions has a ton of stuff on the horizon. Considering he started the #summerofsynth and #hotdamnwave hashtags, I’ve got to say he’s backed them up by providing a lot to the summer soundtrack this year.

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