New Music: Dreddd / I Am Beyonder

Like my friend over at Watermelon Banzai mentioned this week, I’m starting to wonder if Dreddd is man or machine as well. To say that he’s prolific with his songwriting would be an understatement. With so many tracks released within a small window you’d think there’d be some sort of slip in quality, but so far he’s maintained a steady stream of great music. I Am Beyonder is just the tip of the iceberg of what he’s got going on this summer, with collaborations and who knows what else up his sleeve, Dreddd is making a name for himself.

I Am Beyonder has a futuristic feel to it. From the synths to the way the beat drives the songs forward, it all gives me the mental image of a bleak but beautiful future cityscape…all chrome and neon glow. Whether you’re listening to On the Run, which is almost pulling you into this story or I Will Destroy You, and its more aggressive overtones, Dreddd shows off his skills at creating well layered and catchy hooks. The title track, I Am Beyonder, is standout for me. There’s power in that track, just barely restrained, but you can feel it. It gives it off in pulses. Right down to the last track, You Don’t Deserve Me, Dreddd has filled this new album with the right blend of upbeat tracks, exploratory synth scores, and controlled chaos.

You can grab I Am Beyonder right now over at Bandcamp. As I mentioned before, Dreddd has a lot going on this summer and it wouldn’t surprise me to see him continue this streak of great releases as heat kicks in. Be sure you check out his previous work while you’re at Bandcamp! He’s got a lot of stuff on offer!

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