Artist You Should Know: Lizette Lizette

(This artist defines themselves as non-binary, therefore you will see the use of the pronouns “ze” and “hir”.)

Earlier this year, Swedish artist Lizette Lizette released hir debut album “Queerbody”. And with the new single “Sober Up” I thought it was a perfect time for more people to get to know hir music. Ze defines hir music as “queerbody” or electropop. Ze felt that the old image of synth made it difficult to succeed and get “out there” with hir music. Listening to Lizette Lizette gives you such a nice 90’s vibe, considering ze was “Inspired by early rave, eurodance and 90′s pop culture…” and tried to go from there. In 2012 ze released hir EP “Raveland”, containing the single “Wheel of Fortune” which reminds me of some early 90’s synthpop tracks, but with a completely different attitude. In 2014 ze released the single “Freak”, inspired by the clubkids culture. When I first watched the video for “Freak” (and heard the song), which was in January of this year, I was blown away. It was a throwback to my childhood and I immediately drew parallels to Alice in Videoland…Lizette has the same cocky attitude in hir voice and can deliver lyrics with confidence. The ability to show such versatility both in creating music and writing lyrics is an artform I don’t see too often, and I was really impressed by the use of music with visuals. It lies in the eye of the beholder to choose whether you want to dance all your sorrows away, or stay curled up in your bed while listening.

The music videos are not for everyone, Lizette challenges gender boundaries and is not afraid to be “out there”, showing a lot of artistic creativity both in the visual form and aesthetics. Some of them are NSFW, and the new single “Sober Up” had to be censored on YouTube because of its content (don’t worry, it was only nipples). I also draw some parallels to IAMX (Chris Corner), especially considering the visuals and the image of Lizette Lizette. A bit of Brian Molko (Placebo) in there as well. What do they have in common? Well being androgynous of course! Personally it’s something I really enjoy, very much so when it comes with a creative mind.


Photo Credit: Jenny Hellström

Lizette also had help from hir partner Nicklas Stenemo (Kite) to produce “Queerbody”, and he also provides vocals in the song “Rest”. With “Queerbody”, it’s obvious that Lizette Lizette has found hir sound and image. According to hir homepage, the journey that began in a more eurodisco/rave sound is now more in the synth-genre. And I have to agree. “Queerbody” is darker and has a different feel to it than “Raveland”. The singles that got into the album fits well into the concept, and it’s been on repeat on my Spotify for months now. I’m really looking forward to be hearing more from Lizette Lizette in the future, since ze, in my eyes, has a lot of potential to make it big.

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Photo Credit for Header: Izabella Englund

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