New Music: low.poly.exception / In The Absence of Light

On the heels of the previous low.poly.exception Cycle 1 EP a couple weekends back, the cryptic artist is back with another exploration of darkness with In The Absence of Light. If you missed out on Cycle 1 you can grab it on Bandcamp, and I honestly suggest you listen through it first. Though the artist’s pages are filled with strange messages and odd encryptions, something tells me there’s a story here. Everything from the fonts to the song titles is pushing me in that direction.

In the Absence of Light begins with the mysterious Patterns on the Net. What kind of patterns? Where do they lead? What are these clues? Perhaps the mysteries will unfold as we journey through this ruin of a soundscape. Brilliant percussion work (much like Cycle 1) immediately sets a dark tone, add the depth charge deep bass and you’ve got one hell of an introduction to an album. By the time the echoing keys begin you’re already on edge. Data Broker (which has to be one of the best song titles I’ve ever heard) begins with emotionally deep piano work…like the longing for something that once was…now lost forever. Once the hook grabs you about 40 seconds in you know you’re in the hands of a professional craftsman. This is a brilliant track that has a perfect tempo, a well crafted song structure, and it hits every note on the head. In other words, low.poly.exception is bringing the heat on this release.

Overgrowth could be the soundtrack for a movie trailer…perhaps the trailer to the story behind these songs. It’s a visually descriptive track despite having no vocals or way to actually “tell” you anything at all. The music is the voice, the layered harmonies the lyrics it is conveying. It’s also one amazing slow build of a song. Favorite song on the album? Oh yes. Yes, it is. The City of Rust and Vines has an almost manic clockwork feel to it. The song title alone tells us a great deal about the feelings of loss I’ve detected along the way. It features spot on vocal work by Gumi, in a contrasting and haunting performance. Missing Link has polarizing higher register synths and a very deep bass line, with glitched tones playing the middle ground. It further shows the levels of creativity that low.poly.exception has added to these songs. He’s not content in settling for a generic, paint by numbers sound, and that’s oh, so refreshing. The title track, In the Absence of Light closes out the release with an oppressively dark atmosphere, which is not only fitting but it also fits into the overall feel of the entire release. The way the song builds up only to fade into silence cements my theory that this is a tease toward bigger things.

Want to know more about the low.poly.exception story? Keep your eyes peeled on the site! I’ll be keeping my ear to the ground for any new material and will share it with you as it appears on Bandcamp. Speaking of Bandcamp, In The Absence of the Sun is available right now, and if you like your music to be compelling, thought provoking, and dark as the shadows, low.poly.exception has exactly what you need.

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