Synthwave Sunday: Gloom Influx / First LP

Are you ready for one of the hottest releases of the summer? Gloom Influx is releasing First LP on June 16th, and if you don’t have it pre-ordered already at Bandcamp then you’re going to be convinced by the time we finish here together. Not only is it filled with catchy tunes…every track is single-worthy, it sounds AMAZING thanks to mastering work by the one and only Volkor X. Get ready to get your hair blown back like the old Maxell cassette advertisement!


Entropy welcomes you to the world of Gloom Influx in an interesting way…it’s almost like the volume settings aren’t right, or you’re listing to it on an AM radio station. Just when you think you need to check your settings the equalizer brings everything up to speed and you’re treated to a blistering combination of electric guitars, synth solos, and keyboard work that demands uncontrolled body movement. Just when you think it can’t get any better, the saxophone kicks in. Oh yes….you read that correctly. Transient follows with a slower but equally catchy pace. The bass line drives the song but string elements in the back ground, warm synths, and delicate keys all blend together to….wait a minute…is that a tempo change? Heavy synths kick in, solos play themselves out over the uptempo bridge, and then that amazing bass line brings it home. I can tell already that Gloom Influx isn’t playing by the rules and I love it!

Afterimage quickly introduces itself with a head bouncing drum beat that is soon joined by yet another killer bass line. The synth work over the two adds a great deal of depth to an already catchy track. Once the chorus hits you’re already moving…I’m tapping my foot and nodding my head with the beat as I type. Once the breakdown hits and the harmonies are overlaid the track is goosebump worthy. There are so many elements being used for the power of good on this album I’m sitting here in amazement. We’re only three tracks in and we’re looking at what is one of the year’s best albums, hands down. Obsidiane explores even more aural territories with choir vocal keys, bells, high octave notes, and distorted guitar work. Like the previous songs you’re treated to a bass line that adds so much to the complete package. And like the previous songs, Gloom Influx isn’t prepared to sit back and let the song go without pushing the boundaries. Dueling guitar solos, an orchestral interlude, and an octave change all make appearances.

Anodizer gets its hooks into you right out of the gate. Once it has you the tempo bursts into a full on run, barely leaving you room to breath. The guitar work adds so much to the track…it’s at such a low register it blends with the bass for extra layering. Things slow down just after the mid-point and allow you to catch your breath before the song brings the fire to close things out. Checkpoint is up next, and if I ever have a really fast car (that is perhaps capable of interstellar flight as well), this is the song I want playing in the stereo. It has a great pace, the heavy guitars get you pumped up, and the overall flow is that of speed, speed, and more speed. Aeons is hauntingly beautiful with plucked strings playing the high ground, Castlevania-esque choir work plays the middle ground, and more brilliant bass work controls the low end. Add in some brass elements with warm synths and you’ve got one of the most interesting tracks on the record. It also contains the best guitar solo on the album…I play guitar and I can’t even imagine my fingers moving that fast. Metropolis is our final destination, and can you guess what greets us at the door? A bass line hook that just doesn’t quit. Add in some old school percussion work, choir synths, and a building score with more saxophone and this record sets itself up to close just as strong as it began.

Gloom Influx has set a new standard for an impressive debut LP. There shouldn’t even be a discussion as to whether you will or won’t buy the album, the only answer is yes. It’s available for pre-order RIGHT now ahead of its June 16th release date. You’re not going to want to miss out on this album…it’s filled from beginning to end with nothing but synthwave goodness.

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