New Music: Caustic / The Coital Staircase

Caustic has been an artist that I’ve followed for quite some time. There’s something about his workhorse and DIY attitude that really clicks with me. Not only that, he’s one of the most fan-friendly musicians on the scene, connecting with people through social media is something he does better than nearly any other artist. That being said, he’s got new music…a new single in fact…called The Coital Staircase. What better way to say “thank you” to Caustic for being such a cool dude than to shout his music out from the rooftops, or at least to the thousands of you who hit the site each month, haha! It doesn’t hurt that his music is really, really good. Makes my job easy!

The Coital Staircase single comes with four tracks. First up is the title track in all its atmospheric glory. Anyone expecting the industrial bombast or EBM boots to the floor flair you’d typically find on a Caustic release, I’m going to ask you to stick a pin in that for a moment…you’re right and wrong at the same time. As the slow burn intro of the song builds up, you expect to get dropped off the edge and into the abyss. Instead, dark beats and heavy drums seem to be building toward yet another transition in the song. Just after the halfway point of the song, it hits. All the build up of the the track hits with warm strings and a change of tempo toward a much happier ending (see what I did there). When you take the title of the track into consideration, the structure of the song actually makes perfect sense! The Axkan Remix follows with all the bombast and vitriol you expect. It’s a brilliant balance to the title track and works in pretty much every way, every single head banging and body moving second of it. The Null Device Remix is even more atmospheric than the original version of the track. Tribal drums and a focus on the warmer portions of the song are layered over one another in such a way that again works so very well. The Radio Edit closes out the single with a time compressed version of The Coital Staircase. It’s a perfectly paced revision that trades off build-up for consistent tempo and atmosphere.

When you have a single with remixes of the same song, the worst thing that can happen is for all the tracks to sound the same. Caustic has avoided this mis-step in every way possible, so much so that I honestly don’t know which version I like the best! The Coital Staircase is available RIGHT NOW at Bandcamp at a “Name Your Price” bargain.

Want some more Caustic fun? Check out our interview we did with him back in February! CLICK HERE

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